Update from Mary Eddy’s

The safety and trust of our team, our guests and our city is more important than ever as we begin our “new normal” together. We cannot wait to welcome you back to our dining room, but we will not re-open until we feel it safe to do so. We are closely following CDC guidelines and … Continued

Temporarily Closed

We currently live in a world that is changing rapidly – by the day and by the hour. As we navigate through these times of change and uncertainty, we do so with the safety of our team, our guests and our city as our highest priority. We must support our local authorities as they work … Continued

New Year’s Eve

Start 2020 off with Chef Jeff Patton and team. Reserve a table for his incredible menu before hitting the town! Mouthwatering menu here. Call 405-982-6960 to make reservations!

Welcome Chef Jeff Patton

Authentic Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK (October 31, 2019) – 21c Museum Hotels, the award-winning Louisville-based boutique hotel, contemporary art museum and restaurant group, announced today the appointment of Jeff Patton as executive chef of its Oklahoma City restaurant, Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge, located in 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City (900 W Main Street, Oklahoma City, OK). Patton … Continued