Territory: Zen and The Art of Charcuterie

Executive chef Jason Campbell and chef de cuisine Jeff Patton share their passion of charcuterie—the practice of dry-curing or fermenting cuts of meat—with Territory Magazine. Not to mention a few tips on how to make the perfect charcuterie board at home. // Learn the Art of Charcuterie  

Territory: The Butcher’s Apprentice

Mary Eddy’s Assistant Food & Beverage Director Michael O’Hara and Territory Magazine partnered to created a craft cocktail dubbed “The Butcher’s Apprentice.” The cocktail was specifically designed to go with meat and is the perfect addition to your holiday festivities. // The Butcher’s Apprentice Cocktail Recipe  

Tasting Table: Need for Seed

Chefs are doing way more with pumpkin seeds than just throwing them in the oven. Tasting Table shares executive chef Jason Campbell’s knack for replacing nuts in condiments and sauces. // Read full article

Food & Wine: We Can’t Believe How Cool Oklahoma City is Being Right Now

OKC has so much to offer and has no signs of slowing down! Food & Wine has even noticed and highlighted some of the essentials stops in the 405. “That must-have accessory in so many up-and-coming cities in the middle of America right now—a branch of the art-centric 21c Museum Hotel—has landed in OKC. Predictably, its on-site … Continued

6 Burgers to Crush This Labor Day

Looking to elevate your grill game? Take a cue from executive chef Jason Campbell and the other five chefs in “6 Burgers to Crush This Labor Day” by Playboy. Chef Campbell opts for a higher fat burger with 75/25 ground beef. “We don’t use brisket or short rib—which is tasty but not as juicy as … Continued

Oklahoma Gazette: Gazedibles

The Oklahoma Gazette did a round-up of some of the best summer salads in OKC. “Mary Eddy’s earned its reputation for combining local ingredients with a modern flair. Its local peach salad is the perfect starter on the dinner menu after a long, hot day. The salad combines bitter mustard greens with aged and salty … Continued

OKC on the Rise: 8 Top Places to Eat Now

The Perfect Spot is right; Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge has a killer charcuterie board as “Chef Jason Campbell brings care to his dishes and [he] excels at house charcuterie.” // Check out The Perfect Spot‘s full review

405 Magazine: Octopus Pizzazz

Octopus can be a tricky to work with if you are unfamiliar with the sea creature. Luckily, executive chef Jason Campbell loves Octopus and doesn’t shy away from bringing it to the menu at Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge. In the May 2017 issue of 405 Magazine, chef Campbell shares his feelings on the beloved … Continued