Wine Dinner featuring José Pastor Selections

Mary Eddy’s Dining Room and Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors have partnered up to bring you a Wine Dinner featuring José Pastor Selections.

Join us in the Mary Eddy’s Private Dining Room for our March Wine Dinner featuring José Pastor Selections paired with food from the culinary team at Mary Eddy’s.

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About José Pastor Selections:

For nearly two decades, the José Pastor Selections back label has been synonymous with authentic Iberian wines. Their longevity has always been based on taking risks (the good kind). They entered the scene at a moment in wine history when regional and traditionally made Iberian wines were disappearing and being replaced by an international style stripped of terroir. It was a time when chemicals in the vineyard and manipulation in the winery were the most celebrated and profitable. Long before it was fashionable, they championed the work of traditionally minded growers who believed in a minimalist approach in the vines and in the cellar. In 2017, a small and growing family of Latin American winegrowers joined the portfolio.

From old-school Rioja – a near extinct expression of Spanish winemaking – to the historic wines of Jerez and noble wines of Galicia, they’ve introduced wine lovers to little-known grapes such as Palomino and Mencía from the ancient, underappreciated terraces of Ribeira Sacra. They’ve helped Americans rediscover the rare and ungrafted vineyards of the Canary Islands. Seeking out these almost forgotten regional and delicious wines and bringing them to their customers, while helping the small growers thrive, is what continues to drive them.

About Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors:

Locally and independently owned distributors of Organic, Sustainable, Natural, Fine Wines and Artisan Spirits from around the world in the state of Oklahoma.